About Washerwoman Felts

Washerwoman Felts is the felting studio of Dolly Higgins. Using wet felting techniques Dolly creates wall art, yardage, jewelry, vessels, handbags, body parts, and random objects from animal and synthetic fibers. 

What's up

I was excited to get the Winter 2012 edition of Belle Armoire and find a piece I had made among the featured felted goods. It's nice to know when someone besides yourself finds the things you create to be interesting -- and without quotes.  Having given up on my human form long ago I continue to work on my felted body parts. I began with the simplest part (my brain) during Andrea Graham's pod's workshop back in November 2011.  During the workshop I made a potato -- I am Irish after all.  Next up in the body parts series is something of equal interest to me, a uterus.